Pet Grooming Services

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Dog and Cat Grooming
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Walk-In Pricing
Nail ClippingDifficult Dogs: $15.00$10.00
Nail Clipping & Filing$12.00
Feet Trim (Includes Pads)$10.00
Face Trim$7.00
Musher's Pad Treatment$2.00
Express Glands$10.00
Teeth CleaningScaling, Brushing, Dental Spray$12.00
Ear CleaningAdd $4.00 for Hair Plucking$8.00
Tick RemovalPer Each$2.00
Small BreedsEx: Shitzu, Mini Poodles$40.00
Medium BreedsEx: Lhaso, Cockers$50.00
Med - Large Breedsex: Springers, Wheaton Terriers$55.00
Large BreedsEx: Golden's, Longhair Shepard's$70.00
X-Large Breeds$100.00
FurminateStarting at $5.00$5.00
Short-Hair Cat GroomingBrush, Bath$55.00
Long-Hair Cat GroomingBrush, Bath, Lion Cut$75.00
Express GlandsWith Full Grooming$5.00
Teeth CleaningWith Full Grooming$8.00

Please Note: All prices are determined by coat condition & demeanor of pet

Full Grooming includes: full comb out, pads, groin, ears, nails, bath with conditioner. They are fully blown out and fluffed dried. They are cut or trimmed depending on condition and / or to owners discretion. Cologne and bandanas or bows are always available at owner's request.

Note* It is important to understand that an animal needs to be completely combed out (not brushed out) before they can get wet.

Why you ask? If they are not combed out of all matts, snarls, the matts grow and becomes tighter and tighter against the skin when they get wet. A matt that's wet cannot get dry and cannot be combed out. A pet that is matted will not necessarily need to be shaved to the skin. In most cases at least 1/2 an inch of hair is left.

Memorial Service

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