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Even though I hate going to the salon, Jackie and her crew do a very good job in making sure I look good in my old age!

Tootsie Belle

my shepard is white and is always rolling in dirt. She also love to chase skunks. She was suffering from a skin condition that even the vet couldn't help. Jackie had me bring my dog in every three weeks for a soak bath, flea meds, gland cleaning and fur trim. For the first time in 12 years, my pup had healthy skin. We love Jackies salon, her knowledge of animals, their needs, and how to help even the most nervous dogs is unfounded. When your animal groomer can help your dog when the vet doesnt have an answer it says alot about the owner of the salon. Its a plus that she loves animals. I recommend this salon VERY highly. You won't find better any where and her prices are more than compariable to lesser salons. Go there, be happy, make your dog happy.


I just want to say that i am very happy i switched from pet smart to uni-pet i met Jackie a year ago and she has done a great job and is very good to my dog Murphy,And i highly recommend her.

Ed Neu

I am a designer dog, whom is 1/2 Bichon Frise and 1/2 Yorkie. That makes my fur very curly, and very silky, and a little wirey. Mom says it's a grooming nightmare. -- But I go visit Jackie, and she fixes me right up. She's an expert at grooming problems. You might say I am a little nervous, or apprehensive of the whole appointment, but it always turns out OK. Jackie takes me upstairs, and does her magic, then I wait for Mom to pick me up. Mom loves to see me when I am all fluffy clean and smelling good! Nails trimmed, and a free scarf on holidays. Jackie will do whatever you want - Just ask her! Thank You Miss Jackie!


I recommend this salon for grooming long-haired cats. I have a very nervous, long-haired cat, Freddie, whose hair tends to clump and mat. Jackie does an excellent job grooming him. He was very relaxed and happy when he came home and looked beautful. She also does a great job grooming my mom's long-haired cat, Felix.

Chris Brick

I brought in my two large puppies, 9 month old litter mates, in to Jackie for a "spa day". Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning..... They are about 50 pounds each and came home stunningly beautiful! Clean, gorgeous, soft, smelled beautiful and brushed out. All bathed and gorgeous! Great place, great care!


Great full service pet salon! You can tell that the owner loves animals and takes pride in her work. The results I have seen on my pets and on others has been great. Very professional service.

I've seen some pets come in there looking like they are strays (don't know how a pet owner can let their pets get so bad!) and they come out looking new. It's amazing how many times I've seen 'extreme pet makeover' occur! Ha! Great job, very satisfied.

Satisfied Repeat Customer

My dog Toby looks and feels like a new pooch after a visit at UNI-Pet Grooming Salon. He won't allow me to groom him, but has no problem going to Uni-Pet!


I have used the services of Uni-Pet Grooming Salon for many years. I have to say that I have received great service each and every time I have brought my dog here.
This is a multi-service salon, from simple nail clipping to full pet makeovers! I have utilized all the services and have been satisfied each time.

The owner, Jackie Storm, is a wonderful groomer and she is so incredibly good with all the animals. She handles my 110 lb shepherd with the love and care you'd expect from professional groomer. Jake loves going to the groomers!

I would not hesitate in using Uni-Pet Grooming Salon again. In fact, I have recommended this pet salon to many satisfied friends!!

Stacy West


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